Chief Information Officers

We don't think of ourselves as consultants, but more as chief information officers for small businesses.

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Technology Management Planning

Every small business needs a well thought out technology management plan. Let our CIO's put one together for you!

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Focus on your Business

Technology is sophisticated and constantly changing. Focus on your business and let our CIOs focus on your technology!

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Chief Information Officers for your Small Business

For years, companies and organizations have outsourced non-core support services in order to allow focus to remain the mission of the organization. Outsourced services include legal, finances, and human resources.

Many small business owners believe, however, that they can manage their technology on their own or with minimal help or guidance. Many believe that they can manage their own websites, networks, technology security, social media, phones, and all things technical. Inevitably, they find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work required and they lose focus on their business or they have subpar technology management which is a significant problem.

Technology Management Partners places a CIO on your staff who is an expert in not only developing a custom technology plan for your business, but also in helping you to manage your technology to whatever degree is comfortable for you.

Our (soon to be patented) process helps our CIOs to develop your custom-made technology plan based upon your organization's goals, industry factors, technology common for your industry, and expected changes in technology specific for your industry.

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