Protect your business.  Get an A.L.A.R.M. System!

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.Wikipedia defines I.T. as “…a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information.” defines I.T. as “… a broad term that can refer to anything from mainframes to PDAs; any technology that moves information (voice, video, or data).”

Technology Management Group defines I.T. with our NexGen ALARM System.  Our ALARM System, short forAutomated Live Analytics & Remote Monitoring, was designed from the ground up using best of breed hardware and software to provide the SMB (Small-Medium Sized Business) with Enterprise-level tools at small business prices.

With our ALARM System, we’re changing the face of IT service and support. In the past, when you experience a problem you call for support. The support technician typically asks you some questions about your issue and starts work on it. With Technology Management Group, we do things backward. When your business experiences a problem, we call you! We already know the answers to the questions we would ask.

Surveillance to Security, Network Management to E-Mail Hosting, Technology Management Group’s ALARM System provides the SMB with a set of tools previously only available to businesses with entire IT Departments.  Our ALARM System is a web-based, fully-redundant system that requires no expensive hardware to get started.  It was designed to provide critical information, when it’s needed.  Here are some key features of the system:

Technology Management Group’s ALARM System came about in 2006 after studying almost 10 years of data from past clients, service calls and support contracts.  It was determined that most issues could have either been prevented or proactively managed.  It was also determined that on many occasions, equipment, PC’s and Servers were purchased based on incomplete or invalid data.

Tech Management researched several COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) solutions.  While some of these solutions provided some of the functions we were on the lookout for, none of them provided ALL of them.  We determined that the only way to provide clients with a complete, single-source system was to pull from our wide range of knowledge and develop a system in-house.  3 years later, the initial version was released and we’ve been improving it ever since.

Starting with our Core Competencies, Tech Management came up with the idea for the system.  The idea behind the ALARM System is simple.  Provide valid analytics, real-time alerting, network monitoring and video surveillance, quickly, reliably and with little to no capital expense to our customers.