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Online Backup

Within the computer industry and accepted by the world at large there are components in computers that are prone to failure; it is considered by manufacturers to be widely understood that one day they will fail, there is little we can do to extend the of these components.  The hard drive, being mechanical, is one of the most critical components and also one of the least reliable.  Some statistics published on the internet estimate hard drive failure at rates of over 150,000 per week.  When replacing hard drives most people will simply find the best storage to price ratio and not look further into the drive model itself to determine reliability and estimated life.  When was the last time you replaced your hard drive?  How confident are you that tomorrow your disks will still spin and there won’t be a physical or logical error?  How critical is the data you have?  Is it replaceable if it was all lost?  Did your network engineers plan for impending hard drive failures?  Drives fail for many reasons and if your data is critical it can cost thousands of dollars simply to make an attempt to recover data from failed disks.  Beyond the money spent on recovery time will be lost in productivity and it will be necessary to rebuild the machine with the failed drive if it was a primary data drive.

In a study performed by Carnegie Mellon  University of roughly 100,000 hard drives they discovered hard drive failures occur at high rates and often do not live the estimated lifetime provided by manufacturers and vendors.  It was estimated in 2002 that 90% of the new data in the world is stored on magnetic media.

TMG is pleased to offer custom solutions for online backup.  With double redundant servers in the most technologically capable and strategically located data centers in the US your data is 100% safe.  TMG provides backup on all levels – everything from synchronized mirroring, incremental patching, and most commonly our cost effective method of user selected file specific backup; we bring enterprise level tools to small and medium sized businesses.  Your data is fully encrypted utilizing the latest, reliable, encryption technologies and accessible only to you.

  • Comprehensive configuration management – Ensure automated, schedule backups
  • Events & Alarms – Enable quick troubleshooting to avoid downtime.
  • Browser-based console – Enables remote monitoring of devices.
  • Backup byte-level incremental data
  • Backup open files seemlessly using VSS
  • Secure backup data with industry standard encryption and compression techniques
Up to 3 GB $18.95/mo
3GB-9GB $29.95/mo
10GB-24GB $49.95/mo
25GB-49GB $89.95/mo
50GB-74GB $119.95/mo
75GB-99GB $149.95/mo
100GB-149GB $199.95/mo
150GB-199GB $239.95/mo
200GB-299GB $299.95/mo
300GB-399GB $399.95/mo
400GB-499GB CALL
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